For centuries on end the high-mountain area of Pazardere had been a pasture-ground for hundreds of sheep and cows. The shepherds had many huts and shelters there.

In 1939, to commemorate 40 years from establishing the Bulgarian Tourist Union, Ivan Vazov Hut was built in the northwest area of Goliamo Pazardere. It was not long until it became a part of the Bulgarian Unionsí General Council. It went under many reconstructions due to the increasing need to shelter travelers and holiday makers. Thus Ivan Vazov Shelter became one of the most attractive huts in Bulgaria for both travelers and holiday makers. Because of the heavy winter conditions the shelter was operational from November to June only for many years.

In 1993 one of the hutís present owners settled there and since then the hut had been open all year round. In 1999 together with a friend he consorted the State in order to further develop the place. In 2003 another nature lover joined them to help transforming Ivan Vazov Hut into the first privately-owned high-mountain home in Bulgaria.

At present the three of them work on projects to develop the hut as a high-mountain eco center and a meeting point for mountaineers and nature lovers.