Ivan Vazov Hut (2300m above sea level) is not only one of Bulgariaís, but also one of the Bolkan Peninsulaís highest mountain homes. It is located in the picturesque area of Pazardere in the astounding surroundings of northwest Rilla Mountain, not far from the Seven Lakes nature phenomenon.

The hut is a two storey stone building. It can accommodate 73 people. The smallest room can put up 3 and the biggest -18 tourists. Next to the hut are 6 small and 3 big cabins, each of them with either two or four beds. The hut has a kitchen and two dining rooms, one of which is self serviced Ė the guests can prepare their own food or make tea from herbs they have themselves picked up on the way. In summer the hutís restaurant offers a variety of meals and fresh yogurt and cheese courtesy of the local sheep.
The hutís water supply comes from an exquisitely clean high-mountain source. Its power is provided by its own micro power station. The young staff is responsible for the hutís cosines and friendly atmosphere.

The hut is supplied by horses, which the guests may use to ride or transport luggage.